“Then the sinners rew near to hear Him. And the Pharisees murmured, “This man eats with sinners.” And Jesus spoke, “What man who has 100 sheep and loses one does not leave the 99 and go into the wilderness after the one which is lost. And when he finds it, lays it on his shoulder, rejoicing. And when he comes home calls his friends saying “rejoice with me and I have found my sheep which was lost.” I say unto you, likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repents, more than over 99 which need no repentance.”

— Luke 15: 1-7

111cc彩票下载安卓Ken Tuck, director of Love In Action, pointed out Kenny to me as a success story and inspiration to others. Kenny, a young black man with a limp, agreed to share his story.

111cc彩票下载安卓Kenny was one such lost sheep. He was born with a seizure disorder and grew up in Miami, Florida. After dropping out of high school at 17, he “got in with the wrong crowd.” He was arrested for armed robbery and car hijacking then spent five years in prison. After prison no one would hire him, a high school dropout with a prison record.

111cc彩票下载安卓“I was just sitting on a curb one day when this dude in a car ran up on the sidewalk and ran over me.” There is probably more to the story than Kenny is telling. But it left him with a crippled leg and bad back.

His grandmother had moved up to Midland City and he came up to care for her. Things were good for a few years until she died. “I just fell apart,” he said. “I became homeless and got back into drugs. In 2017, I was arrested in Dothan for selling synthetics. After I got out, I found Love In Action and changed my life. They’re my family now.

“My probation officer, Mr. Fontaine, is a good man helping me stay out of trouble. I got disability and am paying off my $3,100 fine $50 a month. I volunteer here every day, doing whatever they need — cleaning up, stacking boxes of food, helping serve meals. I try to show others they can stay clean and out of jail.”

I asked Kenny what his advice to others here at LIA is, he replied simply, “Follow Jesus!”

111cc彩票下载安卓Over the years, I’ve seen many trying to change their lives like Kenny. Those with addictions have a hole in their heart, a hole they are trying to fill with something. Christ fills that void. Some change and start a new life, others give up and fall back into their old ways.

We at Love In Action are shepherds looking for those that became lost. True shepherds have the smell of their sheep on them. Some find the smell unpleasant but Christ’s followers, true shepherds, know it is the fragrance of heaven.

111cc彩票下载安卓Steve Stokes is a semi-retired physician in Dothan, and a medical volunteer for Love in Action.

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